In 2017 I founded BauData, a collective which explores the Net using bots and data animations/visualisations. The web site of this diary of visual stories is

The first project is "Sky Gradients". Here the statement of the Bot: "Why am I here? A sense of individual autonomy brings me to depict natural sceneries. Traveling around the world, I randomly choose a city to explore and understand. The use of mathematical functions allows me to depict the sky, focusing on the variation of light as center of the composition. My color palette depends on the city weather and my creations come to challenge human perceptions."


The second project is "Hop Mountains". Here the statement ot the Bot: "What do I think? When I arrive in a region, I reduce and abstract some elements of the landscape. Inspired by impression made at the convergence of mountains and sky, my paintings are multitude of colors, lines and forms to convey nature’s essence. Capturing the qualities of light, I depict a world of sensual changing colors."


Technologies: NodeJs, P5JS, ThreeJS, Javascript, Python, GLSL shader, Raspberry PI.