BMEIA Touchwall

In December 2015 Ars Electronica Solutions realized an interactive wall that provides visitors of the Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs information about the Ministry’s worldwide activities.

Data Visualization is the main topic of this Installation: via a touch interface, visitors can easily understand and compare Austrian sensible data with those of the other countries in the world.

Special features include gigapixel images as well as Ars Electronica’s popular tool GeoPulse.


The “active mode” allows up to three persons to interact with the BMEIA TouchWall at the same time, while a “presentation mode” makes it possible to display content on the entire screen.

I have taken part in the implementation of the media wall, that is made out of three landscape screens and runs GeoPulse customized Software. Content displayed on the wall is gathered by a CMS.


Technologies: C++, Juce Framework, OpenGL, TUIO, PostgreSQL.