Doka Group - BAUMA

BAUMA is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building materials machinery, mining machinery, construction vehicles and construction equipment.

For the Doka Group’s trade show booth, Ars Electronica Solutions provided an attractive, innovative presentation possibilities to vividly depict the company’s worldwide network of locations. This was accomplished by means of two central, interactive Reference Walls for the visual presentation of geo-referenced data.

The two Walls—each consisting of 12 monitors—played a dominant role at the booth as eye-catching attractions displaying special effects to steer trade show visitors inside and to encourage them to interact with Doka’s sales force.


The main motif is a globe displaying localized references to Doka. It’s also possible to rotate the globe, zoom in and select individual spots. A variety of formats including videos, photographic stills, texts and statistics graphically document the relevance of the reference.

My involvement as part of the Ars Electronica engineering team included the development of Ars Electronica Solutions' GeoStage Software.


Technologies: C#, Unity3D, TUIO, QGis, GlobalMapper.