Machine Enchantée

"Machine Enchantée" is the winner of the UMIX Information Architecture Hackathon 2014 in Lyon, France, where participants were challenged to redesign physical and digital libraries within the span of 48 hours.

My team developed an idea for children interaction inspired by the concept of serendipity. We wish to encourage kids between the age of 3-7 to discover new books and games in a playful and engaging way, while transforming the physical environment of the library into a landscape of discovery.

Books and games are tagged with a friendly classification system generated together with a group of children based on their interests in topics and books. A simple game on a touch screen table invites kids to choose among symbols representing the different tags.


They then follow a wandering LED path which splits into different routes through the library, leading them to book selections based on their tag choices. Which one to follow?

Books and games are not stored on shelves but in special boxes that light up at the end of each new path. Each box is filled with books based on the tagging system. The Machine Enchantée supports up to 4 users, with different wandering paths lighting up and leading children to a new and exciting world of books.


Other project members: Yannis Adelbost, Mathilde Bulete-Herbaut, Valeria Borsotti, Tommaso Elli, Fabian Ramirez, Inma Salcedo.