Primetals Technologies - METEC

In June 2015, Ars Electronica Solutions has developed a unique immersive environment that allows visitors to explore the Primetals Technologies'technology, product and service portfolio during the METEC fair. Held every three years, METEC is the world’s most important event in metallurgical technology.

Interactive walls, terminals, interactive tables and the central piece of the booth, made of 24 screens, in which 12 were rotating, were created for this event.

The exhibits are spread out in an open space, and inspired by elements from metallurgical processes.


Ars Electronica Solutions designed the exhibition area for Primetals Technologies to convey information in an intuitive and playful way, while also reflecting the company’s status as one of the world’s leading high-tech enterprises. This creative approach to launching the new company name and corporate design mirrors the unique global standing of Primetals Technologies.

My part for this project was related to the development of the interactive 4k Screen Walls to visualize Primetals Technologies's factories data.


Technologies: C++, Juce Framework, OpenGL, TUIO, PostgreSQL.