Mons – Café Europa: BeeHive

In March 2015 I delivered my first project as part of Ars Electronica Solutions team: GeoPulse BeeHive Mons.

A part of the project is an Android/iOS App for collecting and contextualizing video content using geo-references. People could record videos that are stored and indexed in a Database. At the “Café Europa” an interactive table enables the visitors of Mons,the European Capital of Culture, to view the stored videos that they find interesting in terms of topic or place.


The term BeeHive serves as the central metaphor: like in a society of bees, registered participants swarm out with their smartphones, capture footage of an event from a multitude of perspectives and return it (to the hive) to be ingested into the collective pool.

BeeHive is a co-production of Ars Electronica and Mons 2015 with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Brussels, the Austrian Ministry of Culture and the Austrian Embassy.