The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine’s Treasure Chamber is one of the featured attractions on the guided tour through this complex—the so-called SaltTimeJourney. This huge underground space dug out of the rock recently got a total makeover by Ars Electronica Solutions.

Four projection screens tell the story of salt in an abstract-crystalline visual vocabulary. Four sub-themes—nature, humankind, history and technology—are treated in animated sequences designed by AES.


Just the right soundtrack underscores the impressive imagery. Another centerpiece of the installation is a pulsating salt lamp created by one of mine’s associates.

The interplay of these elements—light, imagery, sound and space—immerses visitors in an all-encompassing sensory realm that further heightens the intense thrill of the SaltTimeJourney experience.

The Concept Design was my contribution for this project in AES.