Tabak Fabrik

Tabak Fabrik (12min), is a generative visual piece that I created to record the memories I have of my experience working at Ars Electronica Solutions.

The main concept of this introspective piece was to depict and paint places, people and events that I encountered over the last two years: the creation of an abstract narrative as a relationship to experiences that will remain.

In the city of Linz, Austria, the Tabak Fabrik is an 19th century ex-tobacco factory that was transformed into a creative hub: a collective of innovative companies and, where Ars Electronica Solutions offices are located.


Using Photo Scanning technology I recreated 3D models of buildings, spaces, statues and objects that constitute this creative universe in the Tabak Fabrik. Afterwards, I developed a framework able to visualize the data that I collected of the important moments of this time. Emails, web traffic, pictures and sounds were converted in binary codes which animate the 3D models.

This data is not visible for privacy reasons: the generative animation below is a clean version.

Technologies: Three.js, Wireshark, GLSL, AgiSoft Photoscan.

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